We are a Greater Manchester based printing services company specialising in corporate brochure design, booklet printing, roller banners and pop-up exhibition stands. Whether you're launching a direct mail campaign, or taking your company on the road to trade shows and exhibitions, We can provide you with the marketing materials you need to stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impact. If you're looking for high quality printing and design at affordable prices, look no further.

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Products & Services

Business Stationery

Business Stationery

Stationery and correspondence is a subject that people don't always think about until the exact moment they happen to need it.

Are you sending letters to clients? Is official correspondence a part of how you conduct business?

With Project Design Print business stationery, custom-printed business materials are always within arm's reach.

Marketing is largely about branding and finding subtle ways of making people aware of your products and services. A small gift item that features your company logo and contact information subtly promotes your firm while building up goodwill.

Business Cards

Business Cards

If an industry titan suddenly appeared in front of you, would your business card pass impress? Marketing trends have come and gone, but in most professional circles, business cards have never gone out of style.

The truth is, you never know when you'll meet your next major account. A sleek, professional grade business card lets potential clients that you're serious about doing business.

In addition, you wouldn't expect a solicitor's business card to look the same as a graphic designer's. Now more than ever, you want your card to be a reflection of you.

Project Design Print's business card offerings come in economy, standard, multi-name, uncoated, square, miniature, and folded styles.

Flyers & Leaflets

Flyers & Leaflets

If you had three days to promote an upcoming sale, how would you choose to advertise it?

Flyers and leaflets represent a fairly quick and easy way to get the undivided attention of your potential clients.

As far as marketing results go, nearly everyone has received flyers and leaflets in the mail from local businesses. Managers advertise sales and grand openings this way because it's effective. Project Design Print provides custom flyer and leaflet printing options that can help you up drum up new business quickly.

Customer Testimonials

Very happy customer, Project Design Print delivered exactly what I wanted and were very easy to work with, highly recommended!

I was searching for Manchester-based printing services and I got to know about Project Design Print through a friend of mine. They offer unmatched services.

Project Design Print should be your only destination when it comes to business card printing services in Manchester. Highly recommended!

Found on the internet. Excellent customer services, really understood the brief.

I am extremely pleased and I know how difficult it is to get it just PERFECT but Project Design Print definitely over delivered. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any of my contacts and clients. Thank you, it's great to see that with Project Design Print the customer is still KING! or QUEEN in my case!

Project Design Print is very personable company that takes a lot of pride in their work. Always helpful and on hand to answer questions. Delivered to a budget and provided proactive and sensible advice throughout.

From Our Website

With the introduction of digital technology the need for print that works harder and delivers your business message is even more important than ever. We believe that print has a timeless quality that cannot be replaced by technology but can complement online services to convey key points about your company and reinforce digital campaigns. Our team are experienced print experts that know how to combine great design with your business objective to create a message that delights and excites your clients.

Collectively we strive to deliver excellence across our respective fields of expertise. The service we provide is individualised therefore we can be confident in our ability to supply a creative yet functional solution for all our clients.

A leaflet or flyer is a useful tool to give your customers an overview of your business or details of a special offer. Single or double sided leaflet designs can give a really simple perspective on your business and can either be promotion based or carry more evergreen content based on your specific needs. When you need single-page printed advertising that's easy to distribute and easy for customers to read and take action on, leaflets and flyers are simply perfect. They're ideal for a wide range of purposes, including direct mail, handing out with purchases or enquiries, and providing at a front desk or reception area.

A roller banner is an exhibition staple for any business familiar with attending exhibitions and events. Roller banners offer simplicity and speed for conference goers and exhibition attendees alike They are quick to assemble and can carry pertinent information about your company offer. We can provide a range of alternatives for roller banners for a host of different budgets. We also offer super-wide roller banners for those wishing to make an even bigger impact. As well as double-sided roller banners we can also provide those which are interchangeable which may provide more cost effectiveness to some businesses.

During the later stages of the sales process, customers sometimes require in-depth information in order to make more informed decisions. Unfortunately, there aren't always enough hours in the day for managers to sit down and talk to everyone. Booklets allow companies to offer in-depth explanations at the customer's convenience. These days, part of earning the trust of customers is showing them that you know and understand the subject matter at hand. Having extensive business materials available lets clients know that your company is knowledgeable and ready for anything.

Filling a big space with an impressive and memorable design might seem an overwhelming task. This is why employing the skills of an experienced print design agency could be well worth the investment. Not only can we help execute a big design we can also arrange large format print too and ensure your key message looks great. Sometimes bigger is better and occasions such as events and exhibitions rely on something large in scale and stature to deliver key business goals. Large advertising displays also require design expertise that will both tell a story about your company and make the most of the space available.

Want to grab people's attention in a simple yet effective way? Have you thought of designing a poster to get the interest you desire? A poster can be an easy way to get information across about a new product, event or anything else, that is designed along with your logo and brand identity. Posters can be displayed anywhere - at your company offices, in a retail shop, at your stockist's premises and more. They can also even be used at events or presentations. Posters can convey key messages in such a simple way.